3 factors that affect Limo Rentals

Everyone cannot possess all the luxuries in life, and one such aspect is having a personal Limousine. However, when it comes to a special occasion people do not mind renting one for their transit needs. You may be looking one for airport transfers or wedding day or night out… no matter what your requirement is all can be fulfilled.

If it is your first experience of hiring a Limo, let us help you. The article discusses a few aspects related to the cost and policies of the car rental services.

City and type of vehicle

Usually, the price of services differs from company to company. It depends on the city and the type of vehicle you choose. For example: normally, airport limos are available at flat rates. So hiring one does not cost you much. On the other hand, for larger groups, the cost can easily be split making the rental pocket friendly.

However, the price will be also affected by the type of car you choose to ride in. Sedans are pocket friendly as compared to a luxurious Stretched car.

Size of the car

Limos are available in various sizes and models. The list includes Sedan, Stretch Limo, SUV, Hummer and lots more. Each model has its own seating capacity. Sedans can accommodate four people while Stretched cars have the capacity for 8 to 10 passengers. So, the price will differ according to the design and capacity of the car.

The more luxurious the vehicle will be, the more will be its rental. It is because high-end models come equipped with a number of entertainment amenities, including music units, TV screens, AM/FM stereos and leather upholstery and lots more. So you can select one that fit well within your needs and requirements.

Inclusions in the package

What are the inclusions in the package? There are many companies that bill what they want and will add charges like fuel, beverages, false tolls, travel times and lots more. So therefore, it is important to take the list of the inclusions in the rental. You should know the complete fare prior hiring the vehicle. There should be no hidden charges.

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