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Hiring Limos for Graduation Day

The graduation day is perhaps an important day for graduates. Students finishing college and stepping into the world outside go through a wide range of emotions and want this day to be a special one. Most graduates like to spend the day with their friends and make it a memorable one. Many of them even party after receiving their graduation degrees.

Graduation day can be made even more memorable for the students who are graduating by hiring limos for them so that they can travel in luxury. Limos can be hired from limo service providers who offer the luxury limos on a rental basis to those wishing to travel in great comfort and style. Limo service providers offer their limos for several occasions and events making traveling easy and convenient. Limos can be hired for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, for traveling to events like prom night, graduation day, sporting events etc.

To make the graduation day even more special, many graduates hire limos to travel to the graduation event with their friends. When hiring limos for graduation day, one must keep the following in mind:

  • Limos must be booked in advance so that one can be assured of getting a luxury limo for travel. When last minute reservations are made, the limos are sometimes not available or the limo service providers charge a lot.
  • For graduation day, the cost of the ride must be enquired. Most limo service providers offer their limos on an hourly basis. One must also know of the fact that hiring limos during the day time is less expensive as compared to when limos are hired at night. It is essential to know of the cost of the limo ride when traveling for graduation day so that those traveling can divide it and know exactly what they have to pay.
  • When reserving a limo for graduation day, it is also essential for one to inform the limo service providers about the number of people who would be traveling in the limo. This helps the limo service providers to arrange for the right vehicle for the travel and ensure that all those traveling get a comfortable ride.
  • It is also essential to check on the chauffeur who would be driving the graduates. It is necessary to ensure that the chauffeur is a responsible one to ensure the safety of the graduates. Also the chauffeurs must be experienced and expert at driving the limos in the safest manner possible.

24×7 Limo offers a wide range of limo services in Vancouver. Our grad limo services are highly recommended by our clients. Our graduation limo Vancouver services ensure the safety of the graduates traveling for their big day. We also assure that the graduates get to travel in great comfort and luxury.

Hiring Limo Services for Graduation Day

Graduation day is a big day in the life of students. Those graduating want the day to be a memorable one as they begin a new life once they graduate. When going for the graduation day, most students want to be well-dressed and want to enjoy the day with friends. They also want everything to be well-planned including their travelling. There are many means of public transport that can be used for travelling for a graduation day but the best option is to hire limo services.

There are many limo service providers that offer grad limo services. For this, the limo service providers ensure that they provide the limos that suit the travel needs of the students so that the students can arrive for their graduation day in style. The basic information like the time, date and venue needs to be informed to the limo services providers and the rest is handled by the service providers.

When hiring limo services for graduation day, a few things must be kept in mind:

  • The limo service providers must always be informed of the number of students who want to travel in the limo. It is always better for a small group of students to travel together in the limo hired. When this is done, the limo charges can be shared by all the students thereby making the limo ride an affordable one. Also, providing the exact number of passengers who would be travelling in the limo enables the limo service providers to arrange for the right kind of vehicle to meet the travel needs of the students.
  • The limo service providers must ensure that the limo provided for hire to students to travel to their graduation day is driven by a well-trained and experienced chauffeur. The chauffeur must be an expert so that the limo can be driven safely. The chauffeurs are also trained to handle any problems that may arise during the ride. It is the chauffeurs who ensure that the students reach the graduation day venue as well as back to their homes in a secure manner.
  • For graduation day, the limo service providers also ensure that they provide some amenities and features in the limos so that the students can enjoy their ride. Entertainment systems, music systems as well as refreshments are provided so that students can use these and enjoy their ride. This makes the students feel special for their graduation day.

24×7 Limo is a well-known limo service provider in Vancouver, Canada. We offer cheap limo services, Vancouver enabling people from different backgrounds to travel in the luxury vehicles. We also hire the most experienced chauffeurs to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers traveling in our limos.

Graduation limo: Now commute stylishly in Vancouver

After working relentlessly towards your goal, there is this one day called your graduation when you want to forget all your worries and celebrate your efforts. Since this event calls for special arrangements, the car you choose for reaching your destination must also be no less or average.

Limousine, howbeit, is going to be the best you will ever come across when it comes to selecting a lavish ride for your graduation. Not only does it consist of an appealing exterior but everything that is associated with this car is extra-ordinary in its own way. Read the following points to know how graduation limo is your perfect mode of transport for a graduation event:

  • Everybody wants to look their best on the graduation day. Since it is a very special event, each and every person wants to reach the destination in his or her best attire and make most of this big day. While taxis and other modes of transport will be a misfit when it comes to carrying your outfits and moving around, limousine will not only help you in reaching the venue all fresh and relaxed but will also make sure that you do not come across any hassle on the way.
  • A lot many people wish to attend this event together. For this they also want that the vehicle they rent for this purpose should be roomy enough to let them all travel in the same car. Since limousine is a very spacious vehicle, it has the capacity to accommodate large groups all together without inculcating any trouble related to sitting arrangement etc.
  • The vehicle is a complete package decked up with plethora of facilities that will mesmerise you. Not only is its exterior eye catching and pleasing but the interior in which the passengers would be staying is also exceptionally grand and appealing.

Do you want to book a graduation limo? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo to come across a great ride with your friends. We understand your excitement and zeal towards this big event and hence promise that the vehicle you get for it will contribute to it in every possible way. We have limousines for various other services too, details of which are present on our official website. For further details and queries you can leave us an email. To reserve your ride, call us up!

Book a Limo Ride for Your Graduation Day

Graduation Day is one of the most memorable and special night for the school students. It marks the end of school’s life and the beginning of the new life. Everyone wants to arrive to their venue in luxury vehicle and make the heads turn around. Booking a limo ride is the best way to get to the party in style.

Numerous fleet of vehicles

Renting a ride with professional providers gives you an option to choose from elegant fleet of vehicles. The Graduation vehicles can be Cadillac Escalade, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes S Class, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition Stretch, and a lot more. Riding in such vehicles will make you stand out from the crowd. For larger groups, you can rent limo buses

Relish the amenities while on the ride

The amenities inside includes plush leather upholstery, neon and fiber optic lighting, plasma screen, surround sound system, audio and visual modes of entertainment, ice bar chests, and a lot more. You just have to sit back, relax, and relish the time with your friends. Gather all your friends, accommodate them in one vehicle with immense comfort, and ride together.

Peace of mind

Another reason to book a Graduation limo is the fact that it is driven by a professional chauffeur. This is considered as a plus point as it gives of peace of mind to the parents of grad goers. With chauffeur behind the wheels, you can be assured that you are in the safe hands. He will pick you from your designated places and drop at the event venue well on time.

To make your prom night truly an unforgettable experience, you need to research well and then choose the best provider. It’s a memory that you will cherish forever, so make it worth. The limo you choose must be licensed and well insured. Inspect the vehicle to check its condition and the amenities available inside.

To book a limo ride for your special graduation day, get in touch with 24×7 Limo. We have extensive fleet of limo vehicles available to suit varied group size. Nothing can match our unparalleled customer service.

Call us to book your desired ride. Your grand entry will surely make others envious.

Make a grand entry with Grad Limos

Graduation is one of the biggest milestones in your life. You have spent years working hard so that you could take a step forward to fulfilling your dream. It is the time to celebrate your accomplishment and reward yourself.  How about making a grand entry on this special day of yours in a Grad Limo?

Limousines have always been regarded as a symbol of stature and grandness. There were times, when it was just a ride for business tycoons, celebrities and politicians. But today its popularity has skyrocketed, making them available at very affordable rates.

Grad Limo enables you to make a grand entry. No matter you are traveling alone or with a bunch of your friends, you will readily attain a status of a celebrity once you step out of an elegant Limousine.

Most service providers offer a variety of cars including luxurious Sedans, Stretch Limos, Hummer, Party buses and vans and lots more. You can select one as per your group size and budgetary constraints. The firms also take care of customer’s specific requirements of luxury, comfort and sense of style.

The providers have trained chauffeurs in their staff. They know how to serve their customers as per the requirement of the event.

An elegantly dressed chauffeur comes to pick you from a designated pickup point.  He takes care of all your needs during the travel. No one from your group has to be the designated driver for the night. All of you can enjoy a luxurious ride to the venue.

Grad limos are large and spacious, so they can easily accommodate any group size in it. Above all, it comes equipped with latest entertainment features like surround sound systems, DVD players, AM/FM players and lots more. So, while the driver navigates you through the traffic packed roads, you can have fun with your group.

Graduation dates for UBC Vancouver Campus are out. So if you want a limo ride, start your search now.  Look for the service providers online or in local directories. Note down the names of the top five agencies and inquire about their packages. Make sure the company you choose is licensed, insured and experienced.

For Grad Limos in Vancouver, get in touch with 24/7 limos. Our limos are available at reasonable prices. Call us for details or fill our online forms for free quotes. We will make your graduation one of the most memorable nights of your life.