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Graduation limo: Now commute stylishly in Vancouver

After working relentlessly towards your goal, there is this one day called your graduation when you want to forget all your worries and celebrate your efforts. Since this event calls for special arrangements, the car you choose for reaching your destination must also be no less or average.

Limousine, howbeit, is going to be the best you will ever come across when it comes to selecting a lavish ride for your graduation. Not only does it consist of an appealing exterior but everything that is associated with this car is extra-ordinary in its own way. Read the following points to know how graduation limo is your perfect mode of transport for a graduation event:

  • Everybody wants to look their best on the graduation day. Since it is a very special event, each and every person wants to reach the destination in his or her best attire and make most of this big day. While taxis and other modes of transport will be a misfit when it comes to carrying your outfits and moving around, limousine will not only help you in reaching the venue all fresh and relaxed but will also make sure that you do not come across any hassle on the way.
  • A lot many people wish to attend this event together. For this they also want that the vehicle they rent for this purpose should be roomy enough to let them all travel in the same car. Since limousine is a very spacious vehicle, it has the capacity to accommodate large groups all together without inculcating any trouble related to sitting arrangement etc.
  • The vehicle is a complete package decked up with plethora of facilities that will mesmerise you. Not only is its exterior eye catching and pleasing but the interior in which the passengers would be staying is also exceptionally grand and appealing.

Do you want to book a graduation limo? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo to come across a great ride with your friends. We understand your excitement and zeal towards this big event and hence promise that the vehicle you get for it will contribute to it in every possible way. We have limousines for various other services too, details of which are present on our official website. For further details and queries you can leave us an email. To reserve your ride, call us up!

Increasing Popularity of Limo Services

With the changing technology and coming of a digital age, several changes have been introduced in the lives of people. People these days live, think, eat, work and study differently using ways and techniques that were not known a few decades earlier. Humans have brought about and assimilated changes in everything they do. This change can also be seen in the manner in which people travel these days.

People make use of a variety of means of transportation these days and to join the list are the chauffeur-driven limos. The advent of traveling in luxurious limos is fast gaining popularity. People these days wish to travel conveniently and comfortably and so they hire limos.

The following are the several reasons why limo services have gained a lot of popularity:

  • Limo services have become the most convenient means of travel these days. Limo services offer the convenience of being picked up and dropped at the desired location and that too in time. This helps people a lot of time which otherwise may have been wasted in finding a means of transport and then waiting for it.
  • The comfort that limos offer when traveling is one of the main reasons of the growing popularity of limo services. Limousines are vehicles that have been built with comfortable seats and a lot of legroom thereby offering space and comfort to those traveling. Those traveling in limos can travel in the most relaxed manner as they do not have to worry about anything else as everything is taken care of by the limo service providers.
  • The fact that limousines are chauffeur-driven is a big factor that contributes to the rising popularity of these services. Chauffeurs who drive the limos are well-trained and dexterous to handle limos of all types. They also hold the valid permits and licenses to ensure that the passengers have a safe journey. In addition, the chauffeurs are helpful with a pleasing personality which in turn adds to the comfort of the passengers. The chauffeurs also know of the best routes to be taken to reach a destination and avoid all traffic areas thereby reducing the hassle of the passengers.
  • Another reason why limo services have become very popular is that these services are offered at very affordable prices. The limo services always ask for an all-inclusive price that includes all types of charges and fee. This in turn assures the passengers that no hidden costs will be charged at the end of the travel.

24x 7 Limo is renowned limo service provider in Vancouver offering the best limos for hire. We cater to the various needs of clients for different occasions at affordable prices. Our chauffeurs are experts and can handle all types of problems arising during the travel.

Sightseeing tours: Take a limo for your plan to make it extra-ordinary

Who doesn’t want to travel and explore each corner of all world? Yes, probably, we all want to move out on an adventure and see the unseen. But what in the midst of this plan creates a hassle is the requirement of a reliable transportation service, which can help us commute from one place to another in a manner that none of the important sites get missed.

Take a look at the following points to know what benefits are associated with sightseeing tours through limousines and how you can grab them in the best way:

  • First of all there are less amount of limousine service providers that offer this service. The best part is this bunch of companies is usually the finest one, so you do not have to worry too much about it being reliable and professional, because most of the times they will be. All you have to do is brief them about your plan, time and specifications if any, and your tour will be managed by their team of experts in an efficient manner.
  • While visiting the new locations, we always want somebody to be by our side and guide us about it. Sometimes we want a person who can let us know the background/history, importance and other details of a particular sight so that we can look at it from a different and an in-depth angle. This is one of the biggest benefits that you will reap, because the chauffeur you get along with the vehicle is not only the driver who will pick and drop you through various places but is also a great guide who will keep you entertained and informed all through the journey.
  • Limousines are available in various types and sizes. So you do not have to book two in case of group travels. What you need to do is take a look at the fleet and decide wisely which car would suit your purpose the most and will also be able to accommodate all the members properly, without creating a hassle. Since both big and small cars are available, you can choose as per your requirement. But make sure you book in advance to reap these perks in the best possible manner.

Are you looking forward to an ideal sight-seeing tour? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo to come across one of the best journeys. Call today for reservations!


Choosing a Limo Service: Here’s what must be looked into

Limo services have become very popular over the last decade because of the comfort they offer. Limo services are opted for by people for various occasions; be it a wedding, a bachelor party or a corporate event. Limo services not only offer comfort but also luxury and style those traveling in the limos. These services attract a lot of people who override public means of transport to travel in a relaxed and hassle free manner.

There are many limo services that are in operation now-a-days and therefore choosing the best limo service can be a tough task. When choosing a limo service, the following things must be looked into:

  • The fleet on offer: When choosing a limo service, the first thing that needs to be considered is the fleet that the limo service operates. Limo services maintain several vehicles in their fleet and one must check upon these vehicles to make sure that one’s needs and requirements are met. Also the condition of the vehicles must be checked so that one can be assured of the fact that one will travel in the best in condition vehicles.
  • Hours of operation: When choosing a limo service, one must also look into the hours of operation of the limo service. This is essential to ensure that one can avail the services when they are needed. It is also essential for the limo services to have flexible hours of operation so that they can adjust the schedules of their clients.
  • Attention to detail: A limo service must pay attention to every detail and information provided by the clients. This is essential to make sure that all the needs and requirements of the clients are met. One must always choose a limo company that values customer satisfaction over anything else.
  • Safety and licensing: When one hires a limo service, a very important thing to look into is the licensing of the company. It is important to ensure that one chooses a company that has a valid license and permit to offer the limo services. Safety must also be looked into. It must be ensured that the limo service maintains the vehicles in the best condition so that they do not break down during the drive. Also one must choose a limo service that hires only expert and trained chauffeurs who are trained to handle the limos as well as any problematic situations that may arise during the ride.

24 x 7 Limo is a premier limousine service in Vancouver and offers its clients the best in condition limos for various occasions. We hire only the best and the most trained chauffeurs who make the passengers feel safe, relaxed and comfortable during the ride.

The Benefits of Choosing a Limo Service

Ground transportation has taken a surprising turn over the last decade because of the introduction of limo services. People these days prefer to use these limo services instead of traveling by public transportation because of the many benefits that limo services have to offer.

Limo services are offered by several companies where they offer limousines for hire. These limos are available at affordable rents for the entire day or evening or for a specific occasion. Limo services companies offer the best in condition limos for travel of the clients who approach them for limo rentals. There are several benefits of choosing limo services which include:

  • Limo amenities: Limos are built in such a manner that they offer several amenities. Riding in limos is a pleasant experience for the passengers who can enjoy the limo amenities when riding. Most limos are equipped with sound and entertainment systems that the passengers can make use of when travelling and therefore have an enjoyable and relaxed ride.
  • Luxury: Choosing limo services offers the most luxurious way to travel. Limos are by far the most luxurious vehicles that one can ride in. The interiors of limos are built with utmost luxury and the amenities offered by limo services make a ride in a limo a memorable and luxurious one.
  • Comfort: When one chooses limo services, one can be assured of nothing else but a comfortable travel. The limo seats are made of soft leather and there is a lot of space in the limos that enable one to relax when riding. Limos offer a great degree of comfort wherein the passengers can relax in the seats and have enough leg room to not feel tired after the limo ride.
  • Excellency in services: Choosing limo services also entails excellent services. Limos are driven by trained and expert chauffeurs who ensure that the passengers have a safe and relaxed ride. The chauffeurs also ensure punctuality as they are always present before time to pick up the passengers and are able to drop the passengers at the destination in time. Also the chauffeurs know of the best routes that can be taken to reach the destination and avoid traffic to make the ride a smooth one. With limo services, one does not have to undergo the hassles of facing delays, wastage of time and getting stuck in traffic. The chauffeurs are also very courteous and helpful and so the passengers do not have to face any troubles on their ride.

24 x 7 Limo offers premier limo services across Vancouver since many years. We have the best in condition limos and hire the best chauffeurs who enable the passengers to have a safe, relaxed and hassle-free ride.

Contact a reputable limo service to make your travel plan run smoothly

Is any travel plan on your cards this month? If yes, then you might be thinking of reserving a fantastic ride for it so that you can make this trip even more cheerful and happening. While taxis and other car services will give you a monotonous journey, like the one you have on regular basis, try something unique and extra for this tour to make it indelible and striking.

Limousine, as we all have heard, is the best vehicle you can ever hook up with, if you want to experience something grand and fancy. The hunt for limousine is one such step of the ladder that you need to climb with extreme alertness and concentration. Since, the level of your ride is dependent upon the service provider you choose your vehicle from, you need to make sure that the correct company is selected for your reservation purpose. Take help of the following points to learn the right technique of booking a limousine from a professional agency:

  • There are infinite limousine companies in the market place providing services at different rates for various types of purposes. Choosing the one which suits your travel requirements is completely in the grip of your hands. Thus, make sure that the company you choose has the ability to fulfill your needs in an efficient manner.
  • Type of limousine has a lot to do with your booking procedure. Since, they are wide range of vehicles out there in the industry, you need to make sure you are selecting the right one for your travel plan because your entire experience is dependent upon it. You must also not forget mentioning the purpose of your travel so that the ride can be prepared in that way.
  • Make use of search engines so that the best limo service providers can be found and one of them can be chosen for your travel requirements.

Are you finding a limo company that holds good image in the market place? Contact us for your arrangements. We at 24×7 limo have the ability to provide you an unforgettable ride. Our chauffeurs are nifty and expert, they do not need any guidance or instructions while on the way. No matter what your route is, we will make sure you reach your destination on time. For reservations, call or mail today! We wish to hear from you soon.

Top advice’s you need to consider when booking a limousine service

There is a thin line between booking a limousine and booking the right limousine, the bridge however will become broader, if you begin to continue considering an average limousine provider for your commuting needs. Since, only a professional company has the ability to serve you in an anticipated manner, you need to make sure you do not book your ride from a place, which is average and not very up to the mark.

There are certain tips that you need to consider for acquiring a limo journey from a professional and reliable limo service. Take a look to know what these advices are:

  • One very common mistake, most the people, usually commit is of booking the vehicle from that company which offers limo service at cheap prices. You need to understand one fact, that limousine charges from you a little extra only because it provides you top-notch features and amenities in return. Thus, how can you expect an average limo service to offer you them all, the way you anticipate, in less rates? Hence, make sure you do not get attracted to cheap packages because they are traps and the same will only put you into losses.
  • Do not book the ride in a hurry. While booking is a very easy process, you do not have to worry or seek guidance for the same. All you have to do is be alert and read each and every option carefully so that you book one as per your needs. Have a clear idea of how many members you are going to commute with so that the correct size of the limousine is chosen, and also be very careful on choosing the service, because every limousine serves you facilities as per your purpose of commuting.

Want to book a limousine for an upcoming event? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo to come across a beautiful fleet of vehicles, well kept, immaculate and shiny. Our chauffeurs are expert drivers who do not demand any guidance from you when it comes to routes and directions because they know this entire city like the backs of their hands. While commuting in our car, all you have to do is, sit back, relax and enjoy what is being served to you. To know more about our services or for booking a car, call at 604-996-6328.

Reasons why choosing the right limo ride is imperative

We all get extremely excited at the very first thought of fetching a limousine, forgetting all the other things that come along with it. Howbeit, this can turn out to be a matter of problem, later when we actually ride because there are certain important factors, which must be taken into consideration, no matter what.

Below mentioned are some points which if you take into consideration will help you greatly in choosing the right limo ride for yourself. Take a quick look at the undermentioned points to know why choosing the right ride is imperative:

  • Sometimes, you might just not bother about the size of the car and just book it the way it comes to you. This can put you into trouble at the time of commuting because you might face troubles when trying accommodate all your members in the car. Since, limousine comes in various sizes and types, you need to make sure that you are alert enough to book the right car as per your requirement and number of group members that would be commuting along with you.
  • There are various packages available for limousine services. It is better that you enquire about each one of them without booking one so that you do not go in losses. Sometimes what happens is that you make additions on the last moment and that makes you pay extra, because you add them all separately. By getting hooked up with a package, you get them all together at better prices.
  • You need to make sure that you mention the right service before booking the limo. Like for example, if you are taking it for the airport shuttle or for your corporate transfer, then it is important that you make it very clear to the service provider that you are taking it for so and so services so that they can plan it all according to your commuting need.

Are you looking for a professional limo service? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo to grab an opulent yet extremely ravishing ride for yourself. To know more about us or for knowing what other services we have for you, call us or drop a mail. Our staff is very quick and replies usually in a day. So, whenever you find yourself in need of a limo ride, do not look for companies, just reserve one with us and acquire the best ride of your life.

Birthday bash limo service: Grab an ideal ride to make it memorable

Birthday is one such occasion that comes only once in the year. This is the main reason why this special event demands something extra. Since, everybody wants to celebrate this day in complete style and class, why not make it even more unique by starting its arrangement right from the commuting service? Since limousine will add a lot more to your plan, considering it for this day, should be a matter of preference for you.

Below mentioned are certain points that will describe in detail the perks of taking into consideration a limo service for your birthday bash. Take a quick look to know that these are:

  • We all wish to put in the best efforts when it comes to planning a birthday bash because our class and standard will be portrayed in the finest manner, through the kind of arrangements that we make for the same. Since, limousine will turn out to be the best vehicle for this purpose, considering it will turn out to be an ideal decision for this kind of a need.
  • The chauffeur will always pull and push the door for you the moment you are anybody commuting with you plans to move out or inside the car. This is a great way of putting across an impeccable impression. Thus, just in case you are looking for a lavish ride which provides you celebrity feels, limo service is available just around the corner.
  • Complete safety and protection is provided to the passengers. This makes one thing very clear that a limo service can be easily book for your teen’s birthday party because this car and the chauffeur driving it will make sure that they reach the destination safely and that no problems interrupts them and their celebration all through the journey.

Do you plan to book a limo service for your upcoming birthday bash? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo to grab an opulent and remarkable ride. We understand how special this day is for you and hence we promise to make it extra special by adding an amalgamation of our plush facilities to it. Our booking procedure is very easy and will not consume much time at all. Our company, provides limo service for other travel purposes too. To know what these are and how you can grab them, call or drop a mail.

Sightseeing limo tour: Follow these tips to make the most of it

Limo trips are the best, no matter what the purpose of booking this vehicle is, it promises to proffer you the finest, regardless of distance or time. Sightseeing tours however, are the best trips one can ever plan for. Since, this vehicle provides an extremely cheerful and happening ride, it will turn out to be exceptionally beneficial for such leisure purposes.

Below mentioned are some tips which will help you in making the most of your sightseeing tour. Take a quick look at the undermentioned points to know how you can benefit yourself from a limo service during such journeys:

  • Always go for the chauffeured service because the maximum number of benefits can be grabbed only through it. Since these drivers are very professional and knowledgeable, they know how to transfer the passengers to their designated location in the right way. Also, the reason why you will never get late through a limo is because they are driven by such nifty drivers, who understand the value of time. Thus, make sure that you always get hooked up with a chauffeured limo service for your travel plans.
  • You can always carry something along with you so that you can enjoy your ride. Since there can be times when you have to spend much time in the car till the time you do not reach your destination, taking these things along will help you in making the most of your ride because it will provide you ample things that you can call your entertainment.
  • Carry your playlist along if you want to have some good time in the car. Since a lot of people are fond of listening to good music and cannot do without it, once settled in the car, it is important that you carry the kind of genre you like in order to enjoy your journey in the maximum possible limit.

Are you planning to book a limo ride for your sightseeing plans? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo to acquire a happening and fun-filled journey. To know more about the other limo services that we have for our clients or to get in touch with us for your booking process, call at 604-996-6328. For further queries, drop a mail. Our team usually replies in a day or two. We look forward to hear from you soon.