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Consider using a limo service for your ultimate ride in Vancouver

Your reason to travel could be to attend a wedding, a corporate event or a social gathering, taking into account a limo service for all these commuting needs will be the most practical and ideal decision of your life. Since no other mode of transportation has the ability to provide you a combination of luxury, security and comfort, this vehicle turns out to be the best of all in transferring you to various destinations for both business and pleasure purposes.

There are infinite benefits one can reap by renting a limo service for transfers in Vancouver. Below mentioned are some of them, take a look:

Customer satisfaction:

Any transportation service that focuses on providing customer satisfaction is the best one can ever get hooked up with. To be precise, limousine companies have gained immense popularity in the industry for providing top notch facilities to all their clients across the globe. This makes them the most preferable choice of commuting for both corporate and leisurely purposes.

Experienced drivers:

Imagine a situation where you are in a taxi, moving towards your crucial business meeting and while talking to the driver you get to know that the guy is a novice. What will your reaction be? This can be troublesome in case you get jammed or some other direction related problems occur. For this reason, you must always rent a limo service because the chauffeurs offered by them are skilful, expert and professional.

Reliable service:

While choosing a suitable transportation service, you wish to go for that company which offers complete safety and punctuality. It is proved that limo service has a record for reaching its customer’s doorstep right on time to drop them to their designated destination without making any delay.

Should you ever find yourself in need of a luxurious ride in Vancouver, grant us a chance at Vancouver Limo Rental.  To know more about our services, give a call at 604-590-2770. In case of further queries you can also write to us at We wish to hear from you soon.

Experience prompt corporate transfers with limo rental service

With passage of time, most individuals have created a hectic work schedule for themselves. In such situations, making time for events and reaching them promptly has become a major topic of concern. Since limo companies serve this purpose in the most efficient manner, they have become a preference in the corporate world. Be it an event, a local transfer or any other, limo service does it in the best way. This feature is what makes it the best of all.

There are infinite benefits of renting a limo service for your transfers. But there are extra special advantages when you avail it for your business events. Have a look at some of them:

Experience limelight:

Many of us book a limo with an aim to leave an indelible impression on our clients, business partners and subordinates. What better than limo can be for this purpose? Its first sight is mesmerizing enough to capture eye movements of all the bystanders. The best moment occurs when you step off the vehicle because it is the time when you experience the real limelight and pleasure.

Professional Chauffeurs for your convenience:

A ride is never complete without an expert, courteous and friendly driver. Chauffeurs play a vital role in making your ride luxurious and comfortable. The service providers make sure that they pick the best lot of drivers for their company. They also provide them special training sessions so that the clients are served in the best possible manner. The top facility offered by chauffeur is that he drives you to your venue, promptly. Since he opens the door for you at entry and exit, you experience what in actual classy and royal ride feels like.

Sophisticated amenities for a refined experience:

Your journey gets way more happening when you are offered plush facilities on board. These include leather upholstery, LED light system, surround sound system, mini bar and a complimentary ice chest. These features together create a perfect blend of class and sophistication and also add a point to the list of reasons why limo rental is ideal for business purposes.

Looking for an extravagant corporate ride? Get in touch with us at Vancouver Limo Rental to gain the maximum from your business event transfers. To reserve a ride or to know more about our services give us a call at 604-590-2770.

Rent Excellent Airport Limo Services for Your Unique Traveling Experience

Upon landing at the airport after a long and tiring flight, your eyes are always in search of a reliable transport that would take you from airstrip to your destination. Standing in the long queues and waiting for the taxis or cabs would make no sense. This would only add up to your frustration. The perfect way to make transfers is renting an airport limousine service. It will lend you comfort without costing your pocket much. Here are some of the tips for your easy selection.

Do research meticulously

There are many providers that offer limo rental services. However, you need to do thorough research and select the one with best services. You can have word of mouth with your friends or relatives who have earlier availed the service of any provider. You can even search online, and after shortlisting a few, compare them.

Wide range of limousine

The company you choose must have wide range of limousine models available. This will help you make an easy selection as per your budget and group size. Check their fleet of vehicles and ensure that it is equipped with all the necessary features and amenities.

Get to know the customer service

To assure an excellent traveling experience, the company must have a good record of customer service. The customer’s needs must be their top most priority and leave no stone unturned in surpassing their expectations. They follow the motto, “A happy client is always a satisfied client”.

Type of chauffeur

The provider you choose must have qualified personnel of chauffeurs to give you an assurance of flawless traveling experience. Being a newbie in the city, you might confront problems will making point to point transfers. A trained chauffeur adheres to the time schedules so that no delays are caused. They are well acquainted with all the areas, thus take you everywhere on time.                                       

Book early 

It is always recommended to book early especially for the tours that are planned well in advance. This saves you from last minute hassles and incurring extra money. Don’t forget to know the terms and conditions related to rental policies.

For Airport limo rentals in Vancouver, get in touch with 24×7 Limo. We are premier limo service provider in the region. Our extensive collection of limousine comes well maintained and in a spotless look. For your bookings, you can call us at 604-996-6328 or email us your queries. We will assist you in every possible manner.

Experience sumptuous casino transfers with limo rental

Limo ride is a status symbol of class and luxury. By getting hooked up with this vehicle, one experiences limelight, style and convenience.  Since it has a reputation for being best in the market place, it suits those who visit casino time and again. Below mentioned are the reasons why limo rental is an ideal choice for extravagant casino transfers:

Lets you roll like a VIP:

Limousine is one such vehicle which will make you leave a long-lasting impression on the bystanders.  The best moment is when you step out of the car and all the eyes are stuck at you. Who doesn’t want that to happen? In fact, fun absolutely doubles when this happens to you when you arrive at the casino. It almost feels that you are no less than a celebrity. Hence, limousine is just perfect if you are looking for a stupendous service.

Entertains you with plush amenities:

Have you ever come across a vehicle which will offer you a blend of comfort, luxury and safety in a single ride? Well, limousine is best known for this purpose. The reason why high class people are attracted towards this car is the features it offers to them when they are on board. This car has the ability to grab eye movements by its very first sight and the interior is just another level. Leather upholstery, DVD system, bar and a complimentary chest make this car just incredible.

Trouble-free ride with expert chauffeurs:

Another advantage of renting a limousine is the professional driver that comes along with it. These drivers are called chauffeurs who are skillful and well-trained to do their job, efficiently. You could be drunk or completely tired after your enjoyable hours at casino but with a chauffeur, reaching home will never be risky. With full safety and security, he will ride you to your home by offering you convenience throughout the journey.

Are you looking for a limo service with above listed advantages and more? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo service. We commit to provide the best and most memorable casino transfer of your life. Not only this, but our providers also make sure that the car which is sent to you is clean, well maintained and shiny to keep up with your standards. For more details about our fleet and services, you can give us a call at 604-996-6328.

Chauffeured Limo for Luxurious Airport Transfers

Limousine is considered as luxury vehicles not only because of its exotic appearance but also due to high end amenities it offers. They are designed to cater your royal needs and make you stand out from others. Since, you can’t buy it due to high cost, but you can definitely think of renting it for any of your eve. If thinking to visit Vancouver, renting an airport limo would surely make your transfers to and from the airport smooth and swift.

A Convenient mode of transportation

Chauffeured limousine is considered as one of the most convenient modes of transport. If you are a newbie in the city, there are chances that you might not be acquainted with the city areas. With professional assistance at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about making point to point transfers. They will find the way around the locality to take you exactly where you want to be.

Time saving

No one would like to get stuck in traffic especially when one is in hurry. Jam packed roads are often the cause of frustration for business travelers. They can’t afford to get late as it would depict their unprofessional nature. So, renting the limo ride saves your lot of time that you would have wasted maneuvering through heavy traffic route.  The fact that chauffeur will be standing to pick you from baggage carousel area gives you peace of mind.

A complete luxury on move

Airport limo offers you complete luxury on move. Exclusively posh interiors will make your experience highly pleasurable. With plush leather upholstery, you can have an immense comfort during the ride. After a long and tiring flight, you can enjoy the soothing music and have a glass of chilled champagne to relax yourself.

Capacious interiors 

No matter, you are in how large group size, the large boot space and the spacious seating arrangement will accommodate your entire group with immense comfort. You can lay back or carry out important business discussions in complete privacy.

If considering to avail limousine service for your airport transfers in Vancouver, get in touch with 24×7 Limo. We are reliable service provider committed to offer excellent services. We have extensive collection of limos that are well maintained and promise highest standards of quality. Contact us for your bookings. We will be pleased to serve you the best.

Adventure sights and sounds of Fraser valley wine country riding in limousine

Fraser valley has a fast growing reputation as an exceptional wine growing region of British Columbia. It offers wonderful opportunities to visit the local vineyards and sample some the finest wineries of the world. Fraser valley is a home to 30 vineyards and 15 wineries and produces some of the most acclaimed wine labels made from variety of fresh fruits and grapes. There is an increasing rush of wine lovers landing to this region of British Columbia every year just to live in the history, exploring the wine making process and tasting finest wines.

If you are planning for your Fraser valley wine tour this time, don’t forget to rent a limousine. This wine tour can give you the most exciting and remarkable experience in case you choose exotic limo transportation services. There are plenty of limousine companies offering fleet of limousine and exceptional wine tour packages for Fraser Valley wine tours. There are unlimited benefits of renting a limo for wine tour:

  • Get fully guided ride:

Chauffeurs employed by professional limo companies are well trained to deliver exceptional services to their clients. They have great geographical knowledge of the region and act a personal guide to their clients. Moreover, these companies offer pre-planned wine tour packages to their clients that include list of most popular wine tour sights of Fraser valley.

  • Enjoy impeccable features of limousine:

You can party hard with your gang on the wheels by enjoying its sterling features including crystal clear LED TV, state of art audio system, soft leather seats, climate control systems and lot more. It is guaranteed your ride in a limo will be just as exciting as your wine tour destinations.

  • Have access to insider information with experienced chauffeurs:

Chauffeurs have close relationship with region’s local winery owners and they let their clients gain insider information regarding the making process of wines and reliving its history and tasting fresh samples.

Stroll through the vineyards of Fraser valley and learn several types of grape varietals flourishing in the rolling hills riding with professional chauffeurs of 24×7 Limo. We offer wide array of fleet for wine tours to choose from and work hard to make sure our clients have an excellent trip and great wine tasting experience. To know more about our limo rental rates and services, simply dial 604-996-6328 or leave us a message online. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Book a Limo Ride for Your Graduation Day

Graduation Day is one of the most memorable and special night for the school students. It marks the end of school’s life and the beginning of the new life. Everyone wants to arrive to their venue in luxury vehicle and make the heads turn around. Booking a limo ride is the best way to get to the party in style.

Numerous fleet of vehicles

Renting a ride with professional providers gives you an option to choose from elegant fleet of vehicles. The Graduation vehicles can be Cadillac Escalade, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes S Class, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition Stretch, and a lot more. Riding in such vehicles will make you stand out from the crowd. For larger groups, you can rent limo buses

Relish the amenities while on the ride

The amenities inside includes plush leather upholstery, neon and fiber optic lighting, plasma screen, surround sound system, audio and visual modes of entertainment, ice bar chests, and a lot more. You just have to sit back, relax, and relish the time with your friends. Gather all your friends, accommodate them in one vehicle with immense comfort, and ride together.

Peace of mind

Another reason to book a Graduation limo is the fact that it is driven by a professional chauffeur. This is considered as a plus point as it gives of peace of mind to the parents of grad goers. With chauffeur behind the wheels, you can be assured that you are in the safe hands. He will pick you from your designated places and drop at the event venue well on time.

To make your prom night truly an unforgettable experience, you need to research well and then choose the best provider. It’s a memory that you will cherish forever, so make it worth. The limo you choose must be licensed and well insured. Inspect the vehicle to check its condition and the amenities available inside.

To book a limo ride for your special graduation day, get in touch with 24×7 Limo. We have extensive fleet of limo vehicles available to suit varied group size. Nothing can match our unparalleled customer service.

Call us to book your desired ride. Your grand entry will surely make others envious.

Top Factors that Influences Limo Rental Prices

Are you thinking to rent limo ride? No matter you want to rent it for your point to point transfers, pick up from airport or transportation to a corporate event, the luxury ride caters to all your needs. Gone are the days when the vehicle was confined only to rich. Now, it has emerged into a cost-effective hire afforded by all. Let’s have a look at some of the factors that affect its price.

Type of vehicle

The type of vehicle you will be choosing is a major determinant of the rental cost. The bigger and well maintained the vehicle is, the more it will cost you. If you have limited budget, you can hire town car or any other sedan. If you are looking for extravagant vehicle equipped with high end amenities, you can give a thought of renting Mercedes, Hummer, Cadillac Escalade, or any such exotic vehicle. They are pricier than sedans.

Type of features

The more you add to the vehicles, the costlier it will become. There are no standardized rates of the limo companies. They are variable in nature that varies according to the size of the vehicle and the type of features you want in a vehicle.  Added features cost your more.  For an instance, for wedding limo rentals, you want the vehicle to be adorned with flowers, balloons, and ribbons. The interior must be equipped with disco ceiling lightning, ice chest bar, and entertainment units. You can even customize the vehicle as per the amenities of your choice.

Number of hours you want the vehicle for

The rates also depend upon the number of hours for which car will be leased. The time may vary from occasion to occasion. For example, if you are on a city tour, the time may vary from 7-8 hours, whereas for airport transfers this time may be 3-4 hours. Some companies even offer special discounts if the vehicle is rented for full day.

When selecting a limo rental company, don’t forget to ask the quotes from 3-4 companies. After analyzing each one of them, choose the one offering best services at the most affordable prices. Do thorough negotiation well in advance so as to avoid any hassles in future.

For limo rental in Vancouver, get in touch with 24×7 Limo. We are providing premier limousine service in Vancouver for many years. We have extensive collection of limos that are well maintained to match your high standards. Our chauffeurs have many years of experience and will always ensure your total comfort and safety. Call us for your bookings.


Feel the Excitement of Traveling in Luxury Limo Rentals

The demand for limo vehicles is on high surge these days. The most obvious reason of its gaining popularity is that it is inexpensive and perfect mode of transportation. If you are thinking to rent the same for any of your occasions, you are making a good choice. Your excitement begins the moment you step inside the luxury vehicle.

Pamper yourself with the inviting ambience

Your urge to sit inside the luxury ride commences when after landing at the airport, you see the car waiting for you. The long, sleek, and elegant look will make you hop into the vehicle just after a first look. The attractive ambience inside will make you feel like a celebrity.  While traveling, you can pamper yourself with the high end amenities equipped inside. Relax yourself by having a drink from the bar of the limo, watching your favorite movie, or listen to soothing tunes of music.

A great choice for group travels

The spotless chauffeur-driven vehicle is a great choice if you are traveling in a group. The stretched car with comfortable seating arrangement can accommodate large number of passengers. It offers maximum room for luggage so that you find no problem if your traveling out of the city. Next time if you think of celebrating your birthday or plan a night out; rent a stretch limo, gather all your friends, and ride together in one vehicle.

Sightseeing-an enjoyable and stress-free experience

Renting limo services for your sightseeing tour can make your trip worth enjoyable. With professionals behind the wheels, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. The chauffeurs are very well acquainted with the city routes and take you to every place listed in your itinerary. You can be assured of your safe and peaceful ride. 

Make your night outs exhilarating

Your excitement also begins the moment when you arrive at your favorite night spot in an exotic limo ride. You can hop from one spot to another very easily. You don’t have to put a halt on party while you are traveling. You can enjoy with your group mates, crank up the music on the sound system, and indulge in having chilled beverages.

To add an element of fun and excitement in your tours, there is no better option than to rent luxury limo ride. For affordable and posh rentals in Vancouver, get in touch with 24×7 Limo. We are proud to deliver limo transfers at economical rates for all types of occasions. Our chauffeurs are well trained in the art of customer satisfaction and will always ensure your total comfort and safety. Call us for your bookings. We are available round the clock.

Add a touch of class to your wedding with limo services

Wedding is the most awaited and special day of everyone’s life. However your wedding planning should never be a stressful experience. There are n numbers of tasks to perform from managing the décor, food, attending the guests and many more in order to make this day memorable. Apart from this one of the biggest moves to be handled is making the right choice of transport. There should not be any kind of leverage in making this day a unique one. The best way to add shining stars on the big day is hiring a limousine. It is not only known for its luxury but it is the sign of wealth and royalty too.

Travel in style: Instead of traveling in old, out-dated or scratched car experience a big difference by renting a limousine. These are spacious, luxurious, exotic and elegant transports that comes with wide array of fleet and amenities. Their looks and features are undeniable as well as worth appreciation that grabs the attention of guests when you enter to your event.

Spacious and comfortable: There are numerous limo rental companies that provide limo services with fleet of transports. However the size of limo differs with models. If you want to hire limo for bride or groom and few of their friends following them then limousines with space of 4 to 5 passengers is enough. Such types of fleets have enough leg room for relax. But if you are thinking to hire for large group size then wedding party bus is good idea. This can allow about 25-30 at a time. These are comfortable enough with superb seating arrangements.

Magic environment inside: Once you step inside a limousine, you will experience wow feel. You can party on the wheels until you reach your venue. The disco lights, state of art audio and video systems, plasma TV, tinted windows, and refreshments creates a festive environment right inside the transport.

VIP treatment: Limousine rental companies provide highly skilled and professional chauffeurs that treat you as a VIP. From pickup to drop off, they slide a door for you in an elegant manner and let you step in or out the transport giving you the feel of red carpet. Chauffeurs drive you in safe and reliable manner all the way with utmost care that you deserve.

There are several options when it comes to choose a limo. You can prioritize among them depending upon your needs and budgets. Also these companies provide you great limo services with option to customize the transport by our own. You can modify or add-on extra features and services as per your taste and requirements. One of the best advantages of hiring a limo services is that they never charge flat rates like other transport. Their rates vary according to the event, services and fleet. Hence, you can opt the one that fits your pocket size.

If you are planning to rent a limousine for your wedding event then get in touch with 24×7 Limo. We are leading providers of limo rental services with huge range of fleets. We pride to deliver exotic and well-maintained limos for all occasions.  Start looking for your transport early to avoid last minutes hassles. Call us for reservations or request a quote. We will deliver you the best transport that falls under your budget and needs.