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Make Parties Special in Hired Limos

Limo service providers have become very popular these days. Limo service providers offer limos on a rental basis to people who want to travel in style and luxury. Limos are provided by limo service providers for a variety of occasions and for any scale of occasions. Limos can be hired for grand events like weddings, corporate events and even for small scale events and occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, graduation parties etc.

Limo service providers provide limos for hire for different types of parties including:

  • Birthday parties: Limo service providers offer limos to be hired for birthday parties. One can hire a limo to celebrate birthday with friends and make the day a special one. When limo service providers offer limos for birthdays, they also provide several features and amenities to enable the passengers to enjoy their ride and make the birthday a memorable one.
  • Bachelor parties: Bachelor parties can be made even more special and eventful by hiring limos. A few friends can travel together in a hired limo to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of the groom. The limos enable the friends to enjoy the bachelor party together and have fun even during their ride. Limos service providers also offer several amenities like refreshments, entertainment systems, music systems etc. in the limos that are hired for bachelor parties. This makes the bachelor party even more interesting and enjoyable.
  • Anniversary parties: Anniversaries can be made even more memorable for a couple in hired limos. The couple can travel together to a restaurant, theatre or their favorite destination to celebrate their big day and make it more enjoyable. The couple can also ask for special features and amenities to celebrate their day in a romantic manner.
  • Graduation parties: For graduation parties, limos can be hired to enable the graduates to travel to their party in style and luxury. Traveling in a hired limo also makes it possible for the graduates to enjoy their ride and make their graduation night an experience to remember. The limo service providers also ensure that the graduates travel to and from the party venue safely and soundly.
  • Night-out parties: When friends plan a night-out party, they can hire limos to make the party even more special. The friends can travel in a hired limo to the party venue and thereby arrive in complete style. Traveling in a limo also enables friends to spend time together and have fun during the ride as well.

24×7 Limo is one of the best Surrey limousine service providers. We also offer party limo Vancouver services to our clients so that they can travel for parties in complete style, luxury and comfort. Our fleet of limos is also well-maintained and driven by the best of our chauffeurs.

Add these things to your limo rides for making them memorable

Limo ride can be really exciting, luxurious and fun filled if you annex the right things to it. To be precise, there are certain elements which if you add in your journey, will make it even more enjoyable and cheerful.

Below mentioned are some points, reading which is mandatory if you want to experience a happening limo journey. Take a quick look:

  • It is always better to acquire a good limo package if your plan is to enjoy it to the fullest. Since there are various packages available, involving refreshments, drinks and other facilities, it is better that you choose the one which suits your need and choice.
  • You can always carry good music albums with you for making your journey even more happening and exciting. Since music makes your rides fun-filled, it is a good idea to carry it when going for plush journeys like that of a limo ride.
  • Drinks are available in a limo ride but only if you add them while you book it. Ice chest is usually complimentary so make sure that you reserve your ride in the right manner by adding to the package all those things which you will be requiring while moving from place to another.
  • You can carry games if you want to. There are times when people take into account a limousine for the sake of partying or wheels or just cruising around the town. In such cases, cards games or other things that can make the ambiance full of joy, will add spark to the environment. These things okay a vigorous role in case you are commuting in groups because it keeps at bay all sorts of troubles and monotony.

Are you planning to book a limo ride for your plan with friends? Get in touch with us at 24×7 limo to acquire an immaculate, lustrous and beautiful limo for your commuting needs. We know how valuable and precious the sight of limo at your doorstep is for you and this is the main reason why we believe in serving you promptly, no matter what. The best part is that our chauffeurs are friendly and courteous, they will not leave any stone unturned to prove that our limo service is the best you can ever get hooked up with. To know more about us or to book with our company a limo ride, call or drop a mail. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Limo Rental Services- What Makes It Worth Enough?

Is any big event on the charts? Are you planning to get married? Do you have any international business meeting? No matter what the purpose of your travel is, arranging a reliable and comfortable mode of transport is of prime importance. When it comes to the selection of best means of transport, nothing stands in comparison to a limousine. According to the conventional idea, it could only be rented by affluent strata of society including celebrities, politicians, and elites. But now with the mushroom growth of limo rental providers, it could even be availed by those who are on a budget. What makes limo rental services worth enough? Let’s have a detailed look.

A perfect luxury to indulge in

Everyone dreams of riding in a luxurious vehicle once in their lifetime. This is what limo ride offers. It comes equipped with high-end amenities and top-notch facilities to make your travel worth memorable experience. You can travel at your own convenience without any botheration of transportation issues. This posh ride is a perfect luxury to indulge in.

Exudes an aura of royalty and dignity

The kind of vehicles offered by limo companies exudes style and royalty. Its splendid look is enough to make anyone flatter upon. When you arrive at your destination in such an extravagant vehicle, you not only cast a long lasting impression upon the onlookers but also earn yourself oodles of dignity and admiration’s.

Hassle-free airport transfers

After a long and exhaustive flight, who wants to stand in long queues and wait for the taxi or cab? In fact, no one would ever want to undergo such hassles. By pre-booking a limo ride, you will find chauffeur waiting for you in the baggage carousel area. He will haul your luggage and takes you till vehicle in style. Thus, you will be transported to your destination in a prompt and safe manner.

Driving being handled by professional chauffeur

Unlike musty taxis and other public transport, limousine comes decked with warm and inviting ambience. You can settle back at sumptuous leather seats, while the driving will be efficiently handled by the professional chauffeur.  He steers the car smoothly through labyrinths of the road thus offering you a complete peace of mind.

Looking for limo rental services in Vancouver? If yes, get in touch with us at 24×7 Limo. We pride ourselves on offering impeccable limo rental services at unbeatable rates. Our staff of chauffeurs is licensed and insured individuals. To get your desired ride booked, give us a call on (1)-604-996-6328. For any queries, drop us a mail at 24x7limo@gmail.com. We will get back to you shortly.

Turn Your Moments into Memories with Limo Rental Services

Do you dream of traveling in luxurious mode of transport? If yes, nothing works better than limousine ride. It’s difficult to own such an extravagant ride owing to its exorbitant price. However, this doesn’t imply that you can’t cherish this ride. Rental services have emerged making it possible for even a common man to rent it for their special occasions at cost-effective rates. If you aim to impress people and cast an everlasting impression upon them, limo rental service is the best choice. Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which it proves itself undoubtedly a refined ride.

Embodiment of sophistication and royalty

If you are living in a world, where anything less than luxury is considered boring, then limousine plays a paramount role. It exudes oodles of sophistication and royalty. Being perfectly equipped with amenities and high end facilities, it displays your high status. Upon stepping inside, you will feel as if you have entered into other world.

Let your celebrations commence in a delightful manner

If you are in a celebration mood, don’t hesitate to book a limousine. The interior exhibits dazzling interior stuffed with mood lightning and neon and fiber optic lights. It is a perfect night club on wheels. You can commence your celebrations followed by unlimited drinks, endless dance, and ultimate fun. Thus, nothing can stop you from turning moments into indelible memories.

Chauffeur adds charm to the ride

The charm of riding in limousine envelopes around especially when you have a chauffeur behind the wheels. The professional takes the entire burden of transportation upon his shoulders leaving you stress-free so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest. He steers the car smoothly through labyrinth of roads ensuring that no delays are caused.

Leave an everlasting positive impression upon business associates

Such a pristine vehicle holds immense significance if you are heading towards a business tour. It manifests good impression upon your business clients giving them a vision of your financial soundness.  Upon arriving to your event venue, you will surely be the cynosure of others eyes.

No matter you are two in number or in a large group, limousine befits every group size with ease. For limo rental services in Vancouver, get in touch with us at 24×7 Limo. We aim at offering you the most happening ride ever. We believe in ultimate perfection.  To get your desired vehicle booked for your upcoming eve, ring us on (1)-604-996-6328. For more queries, email us at 24x7limo@gmail.com. We will get back to you shortly.

Limo Rental Service: Crucial factors to keep in mind

Before attending an event, there is only one thought in your mind which asks everything to run as smoothly as possible. Usually, during such times the problem occurs with your transportation service. It could sometimes either be late, musty or just not how you expected it to be. This however, can create a lot of hassle and might also ruin your mood. For this it is mandatory to select a vehicle which can drop you to your destination, perfectly and none other than a limo rental service can execute this vision, efficiently.

There are a few important factors which you must keep in your mind for a great limo rental experience. Below mentioned are some of them. Take a detailed look:


Price plays a vital role in your selection process. Since not all the companies are same, you have to be careful about the one you want to choose for your commuting needs. Price verification is of extreme importance since it great helps you in selecting the right company. For this you can compare prices of various limo rental service so that you get a rough idea of what’s prevailing in the market place.


Another important step that you should follow is of inspecting the fleet, properly. Though, a good limo rental service will always keep their vehicles clean and in immaculate condition but it should be your duty to go through it once for your own safety.


You should be very particular about the person who drives you to your venue. Taxi for this matter can be highly risky because they do not guarantee you anything in return. However, a limo service always ensures professional and expert chauffeurs who will not only drop you but will also take a good care of you. Therefore, you must know about them well before considering them for your journey.

Are you looking for a reputable and trustworthy limo rental service in your area? Get in touch with us at Vancouver Limo Rentals to experience the best ride of your life. Our fleet is lustrous and in great conditions. When with our chauffeur, you will never encounter any sort of trouble on your way. This is the main reason why we hold a great image in the market place. For bookings and additional details, feel free to give us a call at 604-996-6328. We look forward to hear from you soon.

Experience a Perfect Sightseeing Trip with Limo Rental Services

Are you shortly planning a vacation to Vancouver with your friends? If yes, don’t forget getting hooked up with a professional limo service. It will add charm in your trip thus making it all the more memorable. Vancouver is a spectacular city with much to offer for sightseeing. Beautiful mountains, adventurous spots, sparkling oceans, world class shopping, and a wide assortment of entertainment facilities make it a majestic city. Here is a list of the popular attractions that you must not miss to see.

  • Stanley Park
  • Museum of Anthropology at UBC
  • Burrard Inlet
  • Playland
  • Vancouver Maritime Museum

Limo rentals are an ideal way to drive you to any hotspot of the region. Let’s have a look at some of the ways it assures you flawless transportation.

Dream voyage not a step behind

The limousine comes with best in-class facilities being driven by professional chauffeurs. They are knowledgeable personnel who handle the entire transportation in an efficient manner. He makes your voyage extremely comfortable and enjoyable. At every site, they give you brief so as to make you fully acquaint with that place. In short, they act as a perfect tour guide for you.

Relish the ride

While you will be navigated to your destination, you can sit back at plush seats and enjoy the breathtaking views outside the window. As you roll down the streets, you can indulge yourself in unlimited drinking and endless fun. Vancouver is an exquisite city with hidden beauty. The professionals let you explore the city in the best possible manner.

Safety- an important aspect

Besides fun and entertainment, safety is of paramount concern that must not be overlooked. Such an aspect needs to be given due importance especially when you are in an unknown city. It is wise enough to rent a reliable provider for your transportation requirements. Availing limo services assures you of reliability as well as expediency. The professionals will take your extra care and ensure that everything falls as per your needs.

To experience an enthralling sightseeing trip, get in touch 24×7 Limo. We offer custom made package to suits your needs and group size. The vehicles we offer arrive in an immaculate condition. Just discuss your travel requirements with us rest leave its flawless execution unto us.  For your bookings, feel free to call us at (1)-604-590-2770. If you confront any query, email us at 24x7limo@gmail.com. We promise you high standard and quality services.

Reasons why limo rental is ideal for classy arrival and departure

Anything less than a limo service will constantly fail in depicting your style, class and elegance. This means that if a big event is on your cards and you wish to consider a luxurious vehicle to commute then limo rental is what you should look forward to for turning up like a VIP. The real limelight and lavishness can be experienced only through this mode of transport.

There are countless factors that contribute in stating that limo rental is an ideal choice for plush travels. Below mentioned are some points in detail. Take a deeper look to know how it can benefit you and your loved ones:

Sophistication at its best:

We all wish to commute in a vehicle which does not only offer us lavish facilities when we are on board but also owns a title of being the most superior mode of transport amongst all. Limousine is one such vehicle which has the ability to fulfil this desire. Its alluring appearance combined with high end amenities turns out to be magical for the passengers.

Travel amid top notch facilities:

 Showcasing your style and class through limo’s appearance is one thing and actually feeling rich and prosperous by using its services is another. The list of facilities that this vehicle tends to offer has no definite end. But the ones which can drive you crazy starts with its leather upholstery, LED lights, audio/video system and on board bar with a complimentary ice chest.

Moments to remember for a lifetime:

Another perk of taking into account this form of service is that it does not only benefit you by providing plush travels but also allows you to party on wheels. In layman’s language, it is not mandatory to book a venue when you are in a mood to celebrate; limousine is one such vehicle which can be used for this purpose, efficiently. Since it offers all the high end amenities and great facilities on board, you can enjoy with your family on this very car and create memorable moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Want to get hooked up with a reliable limo service? Get in touch with us at Vancouver Limo Rental to experience the most exciting and memorable ride of your life. To make a reservation you can give us a call at 604-996-6328. For additional queries and information, you can drop a mail at 24x7limo@gmail.com. Our team looks forward to hear from you soon.

3 factors that affect Limo Rentals

Everyone cannot possess all the luxuries in life, and one such aspect is having a personal Limousine. However, when it comes to a special occasion people do not mind renting one for their transit needs. You may be looking one for airport transfers or wedding day or night out… no matter what your requirement is all can be fulfilled.

If it is your first experience of hiring a Limo, let us help you. The article discusses a few aspects related to the cost and policies of the car rental services.

City and type of vehicle

Usually, the price of services differs from company to company. It depends on the city and the type of vehicle you choose. For example: normally, airport limos are available at flat rates. So hiring one does not cost you much. On the other hand, for larger groups, the cost can easily be split making the rental pocket friendly.

However, the price will be also affected by the type of car you choose to ride in. Sedans are pocket friendly as compared to a luxurious Stretched car.

Size of the car

Limos are available in various sizes and models. The list includes Sedan, Stretch Limo, SUV, Hummer and lots more. Each model has its own seating capacity. Sedans can accommodate four people while Stretched cars have the capacity for 8 to 10 passengers. So, the price will differ according to the design and capacity of the car.

The more luxurious the vehicle will be, the more will be its rental. It is because high-end models come equipped with a number of entertainment amenities, including music units, TV screens, AM/FM stereos and leather upholstery and lots more. So you can select one that fit well within your needs and requirements.

Inclusions in the package

What are the inclusions in the package? There are many companies that bill what they want and will add charges like fuel, beverages, false tolls, travel times and lots more. So therefore, it is important to take the list of the inclusions in the rental. You should know the complete fare prior hiring the vehicle. There should be no hidden charges.

If you are searching for Limos in Vancouver, get in touch with 24/7 Limo. We offer affordable rental packages for personal and professional transit needs. Call us for additional details on our packages and services. For reservations, fill our online forms. We will be happy to help you.