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Tips to ponder before renting a limo service

Nowadays selecting the right mode of transportation catering to your travel needs is a cumbersome task. There are myriads of limo rental companies offering you identical facilities. Choosing the appropriate one which fits your budget and fulfils your expectations might not sound easy. Before you embark on the search of a professional limo rental service you must lookout for certain crucial attributes associated with riding in a limousine. Remember you are paying to avail such services, so it becomes your binding responsibility to make a proper assessment.

Customer service

Customer service is something which everyone looks forward to for a fulfilling experience of travelling. Highly trained and proficient chauffeurs should possess years of experience. They need to ensure total comfort and safety. Commitment, faithfulness and devotion must be acknowledged.

Vouch for perfection

Every aspect should be properly assessed, such as insurance cover in case of any unfortunate event, punctuality and credentials if any. Luxury and professionalism must go hand in hand. Look for the special features in a limo rental company which sets it apart from others and lends an upper hand.

Vehicle inspection a must

Will you board a limo which has filthy or grubby interiors? The answer is an obvious no!! Prior to finalizing the company of your taste you need to make a thorough inspection of the fleet. The inside of the vehicle should exude immaculate atmosphere with spotless shine.

Safety issues

Safety and security is another vital aspect, lest overlooked can cost you heavily. Your chosen limousine must be decked with mandatory facilities guarantying you safety. Chauffeurs need to carry with them their license along with them to avoid any in between travel hassle.

Company reviews

Checking the history of the limo rental service company can be of invaluable help. Past credentials as well as customer reviews reveal a lot about the credibility and overall reputation of the company. You are saved from the stress of booking a wrong vehicle for yourself.

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Limo rental in Vancouver- recognizing the best one that fit your needs

Vancouver has the rightly earned reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This beautiful city has an endless supply of attractions and things to see and do. If you are planning for your next vacation, Vancouver would be the just right place to explore. Ignite your mind and discover the wonders of science in Vancouver with jaw-dropping science demonstrations and the highly-acclaimed collection of national and international contemporary art that is worth spending your precious time and money. The scenic beauties here offer the perfect mountaintop destinations for a truly rewarding and memorable experience with some of the most spectacular views you will ever see and activities for all interests and ages.

To kick-start your Vancouver sightseeing, renting limousine in Vancouver is the best idea. Riding in a limo you can stumble upon plenty of the Vancouver worth visiting destinations and treasures along the way. When looking for limo rental in Vancouver, undoubtedly you will avail plethora of limo companies assuring you to serve best services. But it is essential to recognize the best among all that would be capable enough to fit your needs.

  • Make sure the limo rental company you are looking for is genuine, have great limo fleet options, have ultimate service options as well as offers affordable pricing structure.
  • Ask them if they provide customizable package option. If it is a professional limo company, it will definitely provide you the same. It is very important to have customizable package option. This way, you can have access to modify your package by own whether you want extra amenities or want to exclude some of them if you have shortfall of budget.
  • Lastly, must check they provide you insurance coverage. This can save you in every term if in case any damage or accident happens on your limo ride. Moreover, be sure to ask what all aspects they cover in their insurance coverage.

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Make Your Event More Exciting with Limo Rentals

There comes myriad of events in life that calls for special celebration. You should plan it in such a manner when remembered in later years of life it brings a wide smile on your face. The mode of transportation you choose has a great role to play in making the day all the more cherishing. Limousine rental is one such means that takes off driving stress ingredient off your shoulders and let you have best time with your entire group. If any event is on the charts, you can select from wide variety of limo fleet so as to suit your group size and other requirements. Wide range of vehicles include-

  • Town car
  • Stretch Limousine
  • Party Buses

Here are some of the events for which you can consider renting limousine.


Every wedding couple deserves best on their D-day. Renting a limousine means traveling amidst luxury and getting a celebrity treatment. The chauffeur behind the wheels remains attentive to couple’s minuscule needs throughout the journey and make sure to surpass their expectations.

City tour

Hiring a limousine when on a city tour means leaving all the transportation worries and just focusing on the ways of enjoyment. The professionals will easily maneuver the car through labyrinth of roads and take you to your destination well on time. They don’t mind going an extra mile for their passengers.

Birthday celebration

There is no other better way to celebrate a pompous occasion like birthday than to hook up in a limousine. With plethora of amenities equipped inside, you can commence your celebration on wheels. Indulge in unlimited drinking and dancing with no driving and parking hassles.

Prom night

Who doesn’t want to arrive at prom in style? Being dressed in formals, everyone wants to travel in a luxury limousine and be the centre of attraction. With nothing to worry about, it let you be at ease and have the most exciting time with your group mates. You can enjoy complete peace of mind as you will be drived home safely by the professionals.

If any event is on the charts, get in touch with us at 24×7 Limo. We have spotless fleet of vehicles that you can choose as per your needs and taste. You will find our exceptional services matching your high standard Traveling with us will be a complete fun. For bookings, feel free to contact us on 604-996-6328. For any queries, email us at 24x7limo@gmail.com . We will get back to you shortly.

Experience prompt corporate transfers with limo rental service

With passage of time, most individuals have created a hectic work schedule for themselves. In such situations, making time for events and reaching them promptly has become a major topic of concern. Since limo companies serve this purpose in the most efficient manner, they have become a preference in the corporate world. Be it an event, a local transfer or any other, limo service does it in the best way. This feature is what makes it the best of all.

There are infinite benefits of renting a limo service for your transfers. But there are extra special advantages when you avail it for your business events. Have a look at some of them:

Experience limelight:

Many of us book a limo with an aim to leave an indelible impression on our clients, business partners and subordinates. What better than limo can be for this purpose? Its first sight is mesmerizing enough to capture eye movements of all the bystanders. The best moment occurs when you step off the vehicle because it is the time when you experience the real limelight and pleasure.

Professional Chauffeurs for your convenience:

A ride is never complete without an expert, courteous and friendly driver. Chauffeurs play a vital role in making your ride luxurious and comfortable. The service providers make sure that they pick the best lot of drivers for their company. They also provide them special training sessions so that the clients are served in the best possible manner. The top facility offered by chauffeur is that he drives you to your venue, promptly. Since he opens the door for you at entry and exit, you experience what in actual classy and royal ride feels like.

Sophisticated amenities for a refined experience:

Your journey gets way more happening when you are offered plush facilities on board. These include leather upholstery, LED light system, surround sound system, mini bar and a complimentary ice chest. These features together create a perfect blend of class and sophistication and also add a point to the list of reasons why limo rental is ideal for business purposes.

Looking for an extravagant corporate ride? Get in touch with us at Vancouver Limo Rental to gain the maximum from your business event transfers. To reserve a ride or to know more about our services give us a call at 604-590-2770.

Renting a Limo?? -What all should you know

Riding in a limousine is the dream of many people. Today, limousines have replaced all other transports with its extra ordinary fleet of amenities that adds a class and touch of royalty. Whether you are renting a limo for a Wedding, Prom, Birthday or any other event, a ride in limousine is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Limousines are coming to a trend and are becoming first choice for those who want to travel in luxury in style whole the way.

Hiring a right limousine for your event is not an easy task. It is necessary to indulge yourself in the important aspects of limo services before you hire the one for your event. Earlier there were very few limo rental companies and they use to charge a lot for limo service, but today there are many companies providing the fleet of luxurious limousines at affordable rates that can fit anyone’s pocket. To make your journey safe and reliable you need to familiarize yourself with the basic facts and services driven by different limo companies.

  • Figure out what you want

The prime step when thinking of renting a limo is, sit back and pen down each detail what you actually want. Determine your needs, color, type of limo that will fit the whole event, total no of passengers you are carrying along, interior comfort and many more.

  • Research about different companies

Secondly you need to check the services provided by various companies. You can analyze this by checking online or can ask for a reference from your friends and family if they have ever experienced this service. Compare their features, packages and services they are providing. This can help you in choosing the best limo company that will best suit your needs.

  • Legally authorized or not

Once you have decided to choose the specific company, then investigate whether the provider is legal or not. Ask for their insurance policy and license. They must be able to operate under the valid license all over the city.

  • Check the condition of limo

Determine the limo you are hiring is maintained properly. See through the features inside, examine the comfort of seating, the state of art audio and video system are working, capacity of people, the features are as per your requirement, serviced time to time .If you want to add some other extra then you can demand to arrange the same.

  • Inquire about the chauffeur

Chauffeur is the main hero behind the wheels. You and your loved ones should be in safe and trustworthy hands. So it is better to check background of the chauffeur. Inquire your driver is not involved in any kind of accidental or criminal case. They must carry their valid credentials and dressed up in formal attire

  • Cost involved

Before you sign the contract, you must ask for the discounts and packages. This helps you to stick to your budget. Remember, the quality of Limo always comes at its price. You must ensure if there are ay hidden costs involved. Of course not one would like to deal with hidden surprising prices.

Wondering to hire a Limousine for you event? Take a ride with 24×7 Limo; we are renowned limo service providers with impeccable reputation in the industry. We are proud to provide state of art fleet of amenities and affordable packages for all kinds of events. Call us or make reservations online and request quotes. Our highly professional team will assure to make your event a memorable one.

Add benefit to your Corporate Travel with a Limo Ride

In a corporate world, traveling from one place to another for meetings, seminars, and conferences is quite common. Corporate tours are the lifeblood of the business organization. All you just require is a comfortable ride ensuring your timely pick ups and drop offs.

Here are some of the perks of limo ride that would surely add benefit to your corporate travel.

Hassle free ride

When a tight schedule knocks at your door, without giving a second chance consider renting a limo ride. It will relieve you of the stress of driving and navigating through jam packed roads. You can save your energy for your meeting. All you need is to sit back, relax, and devote your time on some of the important business related aspects.

Chauffeured-driven ride

With a chauffeured driven ride, you can manage to look fresh for every appointment. You don’t have to stress yourself with the driving issues. The chauffeurs will take you to your meeting venue on time. During rush hours, they take alternate route possible so that no delays are caused. After your meeting gets over, you will find professionals waiting for you outside.

High tech amenities

A limo ride will not only prove efficient but also help you look impressive. The amenities inside are beyond comparison. The warm and inviting ambience will surely give you an amazing feel. The vehicle come equipped with LCD’s, DVD’s, sound system, and charging points so that you can even practice your audio visual presentation while on the go. You will also be served beverages and refreshments while traveling.

Security features

The vehicle comes equipped with GPS technology for your easy navigation through jam packed roads. The limo company keeps a continuous track of your vehicle. Corporate people can’t afford to get late, keeping this in mind; the corporate ride comes stuffed with state of art facilities to ensure your timely arrival and departure.

If any corporate tour is on the charts, rent a limo ride and add benefit to your travel. Start your search now and book your ride as early as possible.

For limo rentals in Vancouver, get in touch with 24×7 Limo. We offer customized packages for your corporate travel. Call us for your bookings. Our customer representatives are available round the clock for your assistance.

A few guidelines to hire Limousine services

Are you looking to feel like a celebrity for a day? If yes, nothing can add elegance and grandeur to your event like a Limousine. However, Limousines have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Buying a Limo is not in everybody reach, so people like to rent this dream car for a special occasion or an event or even for just a ride around the town. When you get out of a luxurious vehicle like this, you will be excited to see jealous gaze of the people near you. You will gain a celebrity status at once.

So if a special occasion is on the charts. Research well on the local companies and also try to find time to hire the best one from the lot. Let’s have a look at a few points to consider:

The car model you want

Limos are available in varying models and makes, suitable for different occasions. However, if you hire one, make sure you choose the model that fits your needs. You could get tips from family and friends that have used the services beforehand. Prior to deciding on the model, consider the number of people that will be traveling with you.

Do not opt for cheap services

Limousines are costly vehicles. So how come they are available at cheap prices. When you choose cheap service, you keep your safety at stake. You may have to compromise on the quality of the service. May be the vehicle is too old and shabby.

Add-ons in the package

Luxury car rentals come with a chauffeur. Also, there will be amenities in the car you can use. However, if you have any special needs, let the company make arrangements for it.

Quality rentals

A company of high repute ensures of quality. You will be paying a good amount of money for the hire, so you do not want them to sub-standard. Quality services ensure of timely pickups, trained and licensed chauffeurs and well-maintained vehicles.

Check the essential documents

Make sure the firm has the insurance coverage for all the passengers riding in the car in case of an accident. Also, get a written agreement from them before you decide to hire one.

A limo can add desired elegance to an important event in your life. So what are waiting for, get in touch with Midnight Limos for car rentals for any special occasion or event. Call us for additional details or fill our online forms for reservations.